Swansea Police Thank Lt. Joseph Martin for 35 Years of Dedicated Service

On behalf of the Swansea Police Department, Chief Marc Haslam would like to thank Lt. Joseph Martin upon his retirement for his 35 years of dedicated service to the Town of Swansea.

Lt. Martin will officially retire from the Swansea Police Department on June 30, however, today is his last day of work.

“We would like to thank Lt. Martin for his service, leadership and friendship throughout his many years serving the department and the Swansea community,” Chief Haslam said. “Lt. Martin will be missed, but his legacy will live on in the work that we do every day. While we are sad to see him go, we are also grateful for the many years of service he has given to our department and our community. We wish him all the best in his retirement and hope that he enjoys the rest and relaxation that he has earned.”

For 35 years, Lt. Martin has served the Swansea Police Department with distinction, dedication and unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of the Swansea community.

Throughout his career, he has held various positions, each of which he has excelled in, leaving a lasting impact on the department and the people it serves. As the department’s executive officer, Lt. Martin has been instrumental in shaping the department’s policies and procedures, ensuring that the department operates with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

As the detective commander, Lt. Martin has led numerous investigations, bringing justice to victims and their families. His expertise and attention to detail have been critical in solving some of the most complex cases in the department’s history.As the abuse unit commander, Lt. Martin has been a champion for victims of sexual violence and abuse. He has worked tirelessly to bring offenders to justice and to ensure that survivors receive the support and resources they need to heal and move forward.

Regardless of what position he held, Lt. Martin has continuously served as a role model and mentor to many through his dedication to his work, unwavering commitment to justice and compassion, having inspired many.

The men and women of the Swansea Police Department wish Lt. Martin well in his retirement.


Swansea Police Thank Lt. Joseph Martin for 35 Years of Dedicated Service