Public Safety Alerts


Town of Swansea Emergency Management Agency has expanded the Town-wide emergency notification system utilizing the services of the RAVE Mobile Safety Systems. To unsure the accuracy of the Town-wide emergency notification system database, the Swansea Emergency Management Agency is asking citizens of Swansea register their cellular phones, email addresses, and unlisted land-line phone information. Please click here to be re-directed to the Smart911 sign-up page. This system is used to provide urgent information which may include specific information and/or instructions.

IMPORTANT: If your contact information is not in the database, the system cannot notify you. The Town of Swansea – RAVE Alert Emergency Notification system uses listed land-line phone numbers in the 911 database*, and also gives individuals and businesses the ability to add phone numbers and email addresses directly into the system. The information collected by RAVE for the Town of Swansea system is secure and is only used for emergency notification (your information is never shared).

Town of Swansea officials urge all individuals and businesses to log onto the Town of Swansea website at and select the “RAVE Alert Sign Up” link on the homepage.

Cellular phone users require registration directly into the system, as “cellular phone numbers” are not part of the 911 database. Additionally, all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers or who have changed their provider, phone number or address within the past year should login, update, and verify their information. Those who use VoIP or cable for their phone service should also verify their information. Required information includes first and last name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), city, state, zip code, and primary phone number; additional phone numbers can be entered also. A physical address is required to ensure that contact information is associated with a geographic location.

Participation in the Town of Swansea – RAVE Alert Emergency Notification System is free to all Swansea residents.

* Registering your land-line number will help to ensure the accuracy of your contact information in the system.